Your God Has No Power

I write this from a Christian perspective because I am a Westerner, but the sentiment can equally be applied to Jesus, prophet Mohammed PBUH, Hindu gods, Satan, and should you have one, most certainly your god too. To Buddha’s credit, at least he said himself that he had no power.

No matter what you believe, most of the world does not believe the same. That’s because it’s easy for people who believe in gods to accuse others’ gods of having no power, because they don’t. No one believes in Thor, or Zeus, or Tarhunt, or the thousands of other gods that have littered our evolution. We reject them because they have no discernible power. They can’t do anything. But neither can the current crop of gods. This lack of evidence got many humans down to just one god, basically a “Gaia” all-in-one universalist god. This capital-G god then immediately fractures into thousands of sects, because that one god also has no discernible power. All-knowing, all-seeing god that can’t even clear up basic points of order. Jews, who begat the main monotheistic god that undergirds their beliefs as well as those of Christians and Muslims can’t be convinced Jesus was the Prophet (nor Mohammed PBUH). The Mormons can add another prophet and storyline and tower-babel-space-stationnarrative bits for the same reason the Muslims could a long time ago, because there’s no evidence for any of it. One freaking burning bush that talks pops up in real life and there would be no atheists. But there are no talking burning bushes. No one expects there to be. Because that’s silly.

The faithful say “Jesus is all-powerful! Oh Lord, my life is in your hands! Through prayer anything is possible!” and on and on ad nauseam. The thing is, faith and prayer don’t do anything to make anything possible beyond motivating and focusing the (very human) mind. Your all-powerful deities and prophets can’t do anything that gods should be able to do:

  • can’t perform any miracles
  • doesn’t answer prayers
  • doesn’t grant powers to anyone
  • can’t do anything on demand, even the simplest thing
  • can’t stop death or resurrect anyone
  • can’t heal amputees – not even one
  • can’t heal anything without doctors and hospitals and science
  • can’t sanitize water err make it holy
  • can’t get money without begging for it or requiring it or swindling people out of it
  • can’t do anything even remotely detectable

This lack of efficacy is because it is all made up. You keep saying your god and savior has power because you have to convince yourself, due to the lack of evidence. The only place your god or anyone serving your god has any power is in your old storybooks. Rev. Pat Robertson was asked why we don’t see miracles, and his replies are telling: because we are educated, and because we have cameras – miracles happen where uneducated people don’t have any way to record it. Still, the internet is everywhere (even in poor uneducated places), but not one miracle is posted on YouTube.

Jesus said he was coming right back, never did, generation after generation. Yet 40% of Americans (and more faithful around the world) are sure he’s coming back in their lifetime. Yet another tell as to why religious conservatives are such a sought after voting bloc – because they will believe anything, and order their life around it, but require no positive evidence of it at all and will even believe even in the face of contradicting evidence. They will do the same about economic policy, climate policy, taxation policy, because that’s how they are. They believe in unsubstantiated old goat herder religion but don’t believe all the carbon dioxide we are putting in the atmosphere has ill effects. And it goes on and on.

I most certainly don’t worry the fate of my soul, publishing this – I worry much more about crazy religious fundamentalists than anyone’s god, because gods have no power.