Divorce is wrong*

Recently I had the opportunity to spend some time with a couple I love very much and it was great to get to see them and chat and all that. These two also have chosen to be fundamentalist Christians. As with many (most?) fundamentalists, this association is very important to them and defines their identity. During our conversation, the subject of marriage and divorce came up. Excuses were made for divorce that are just nagging at me. It’s another case where folks like these use the Bible however they see fit. On one hand, homosexuality is condemned unequivocally as wrong on its face. But Jesus never said one word about homosexuality. Jesus had as much to say about The Gay as he did about The Who. The same evangelicals march in lockstep and wring their hands over the evils of abortion. They spend their lives petitioning the government to force women to carry unwanted pregnancies and forego their own right to life and pursuit of happiness, while the other side of their mouths decry government intrusion and overreach. And the list goes on.
But something Jesus did specifically express disdain for is divorce. Jesus (or words later authors ascribed to the character) specifically said not to get divorced. Jesus didn’t say “don’t be gay”, but he did say “don’t get divorced”. He didn’t say “well, unless it’s inconvenient to stay married”. Related and in case it’s not totally clear, “don’t commit adultery” is one of the Ten Commandments. They want to engrave one of the versions of these Commandments on massive granite blocks and embed them in front of public buildings so everyone will turn from their wickedness, but they don’t care as much about actually living it themselves unless it’s convenient. A clerk who has been married many times won’t give out a marriage license to a gay couple, and the modern-day Pharisees flock to her defense. 8ca43fbf9cf6d09e8ccd89f966c8e861This is yet another reason why the Founding Fathers specified religion can’t form the basis of our laws, freeing us from the worries of Sharia Law, be it from Muslims or Christians. People don’t obey even the most basic precepts of their religion, yet they often want everyone else to obey. Christians make up more of a majority in the U.S. than most other “Christian” countries, yet half of all marriages end in divorce, which is literally forbidden by God and their savior. If religious people spent less time moralizing to others (and brainwashing their children and rejecting science) and instead just lived what they ostensibly believe and held themselves to their alleged standards, atheists like me would spend less time bothering them for their hypocrisy. But as history has and always will continue to exhibit, that’s just not going to happen.


Old Testament Laws and Modern Christians

Jesus-followers like to say the Old Testament rules don’t apply now because Jesus supersedes them, but then they pull out the old rules when it suits them. This flies in the face of Jesus’ teachings though, since Jesus explicitly states that all the old Jewish rules are to be obeyed. All of them, every single one. You’d think Christians would pick this fact up in one of their many sessions studying the Bible. The Bible is just one book…how many study sessions could it take? It’s not like they have to study the books that weren’t chosen to be included in the current version, or study the Bible plus the Quran and much more, like the Muslims. This is just one more of myriad reasons I don’t think most Christians actually study the Bible much at all, but I digress…

Old Testament rules that are still of vital import to the Christian include:

  • The Ten Commandments (both versions) – these commandments are considered important but adherence seems awfully…optional
  • Don’t be gay
  • Don’t have sex before marriage
  • More sex stuff like don’t do the sodomy with your dad, and don’t have the sex with other family members and (very important) don’t have the sex with animals
  • Don’t test God (this is a good one, since all of the tests fail anyway, just like they always have)
  • Pray over a meal (sure, the Bible says pray *after* the meal, but who reads this stuff anyway?)
  • Don’t blaspheme, or use God’s name in vain or otherwise be profane with it (God is sensitive like that)
  • Also most everyone on the planet accepts the typical humanist stuff like don’t lie, be kind to strangers, don’t cheat people, don’t poop where you sleep, etc. – those are universal and almost always best to follow, and are followed by most cultures with or without access to old Jewish holy books

Then there are Old Testament rules that are completely ignored by today’s Christians – the list is way too long but here’s a sampling…

  • Learn and teach the Torah (sorta what we’re talking about here)
  • Don’t eat bacon
  • Don’t do anything on Sundays
  • Don’t charge interest or take a loan with interest
  • Give newly married men a year off to be with their families
  • Women who die childless can only marry her dead husband’s brother
  • Passover (they just ignore all of it. Jesus-based Christians don’t even acknowledge that time their all-loving god murdered the innocent children of the Egyptians. That’s cool I guess since the Egyptians don’t mention it either)
  • Don’t covet things other people have
  • Don’t worship graven images or engage in idolatry
  • Don’t shave your beard
  • Don’t get tattoos
  • Don’t favor rich men in court (HAHA that’s a good one)

And these Old Testament laws are completely ignored, because they are silly and outdated:

  • All the rules about slavery, finally (asterisk)
  • Anything about wizards, witches, or sorcerers, since no one believes in any of that anymore either (again, except God. God believes in wizards.)
  • Similarly, don’t sacrifice children to Molek (no one believes in Molek now, except apparently Almighty God)
  • Most of the stuff about menstruation (like don’t have any sexy-time during or for some time after, and other related rituals)
  • Rapists marry the rape victim after paying the father some silver
  • Put tassels on all your clothes (thankfully!)

And most importantly in this case, Christians ignore the commandments to kill unbelievers who post dissertations like this one mocking the Bible’s incessant silliness…so that’s a plus.

“A thorough reading and understanding of the Bible is the surest path to atheism” – Donald Morgan