Fun with Twitter: Longest-Running Follows

As I was thumbing through the 1900+ people I follow on Twitter, I was thinking to myself ‘wow, it takes a long time to thumb through 1900+ things’. I also finally reached a nirvana that allowed me to rejoice and wonder in the interesting metric that is the people I’ve followed the longest. Probably says something about me since these would be follows on Twitter that have survived since my joining in 2008 and survived all purges of various stripes and reasoning. I’ve removed people for saying something about anything I don’t like to see haha just like everyone I bet. If you’ve ever said anything bad about President Barack Obama that I don’t think is entirely warranted and/or your account is verified, you’ve been purged. You gotta have rules. Even David Frum made it through that strict filter for awhile. These accounts have also had to keep tweeting themselves to get through the Untweeps filters, to make it all the way to today, 6+ years later. There should be some kind of award because these must be awesome, right? Haha who knows, I’ll list them here and we’ll find out together:

  1. Barack Obama
  2. Ana Marie Cox
  3. The Onion
  4. Cheezburger
  5. Felicia Day
  6. Frag Dolls
  7. Penn Jillette
  8. Guardian Tech
  9. Rachel Maddow
  10. George Stephanopoulos

Okay now that I see that list, I’m un-following George Stephanopulus haha wtf I mean he’s cool and and all but times change – okay, who is next…? Our new #10 is: ‘That Kevin Smith’ YAY much better #FunWithTwitter